CEO Message

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Settlers website. Whether you are a current client or just curious to know more, our site will tell you a bit about our services & philosophy.

As an Air Force officer, I regularly observed the sheer lack of understanding of safe investment avenues for retired personnel. Meaningful conversations about this issue came across as helpful guidance to my peers, which in turn turned a hobby into a personal passion. Now, for almost two decades, through Settlers, I feel fortunate to still have the opportunity in helping Defence & Para – military personnel in the area of Retirement Planning.

Specifically, our company helps Defence and Para-Military personnel plan their retirement & long-term settlement, help turn around their portfolios in case of financial emergencies, help these personnel to grow their wealth through various investment vehicles including Real Estate investment at cheaper and more affordable rates. (We now extend these services to PSU’s others as well.)

At ‘Settlers’, our goal is to ensure your Retirement Funds are put into safe investment for accelerated growth and maximized return.

Please feel free to call us or drop by at one of our locations. We are more than happy to listen, understand and offer concrete solutions to your financial problems.

With Warm Regards

WG CDR ( Retd)


Wg Cdr Mukherjee was commissioned in the India Air Force in June 1972 worked 15 years in computer Software Development projects for the Indian Air Force in pay-slip logistics and operations computersation systems. He completed his 42nd Staff College at DSSC, Wellington in 1986-87. He took pre-mature retirement from the IAF in Feb’94 and started “Settlers” in March 1994.