S M Financial & Management Services is the financial services company with years of investment management and financial/retirement planning experience. Specializing in a personal, engaging approach, we advise a wide variety of clients–providing long-range planning, mid-career strategizing, and guidance for retirement.

To us, Retirement Planning means Financial Freedom – however early in life that might be.

These days, things are different than they were a generation ago. We are retiring younger and thanks to medical advancements, we are also living longer. It thus becomes very important to assess whether or not we can continue to maintain our lifestyles post retirement, when income will be mainly from investments and expenses will continue as before, and might even increase for some. First and foremost, we need to ensure a regular income to meet the basic household expenses and any discretionary expenditures that we wish to include.

Under our Retirement Planning service, you will receive the full financial planning service to plan for your Retirement. This service includes:

  • Quantification of your Retirement goal
  • Your personal Risk Profile Analysis
  • Analysis of your overall financial situation including investments, insurance, incomes, expenses, assets and liabilities
  • Developing the ideal Asset Allocation for you
  • Developing a detailed financial plan including cash flows and making recommendations of investment instruments to achieve your Retirement goal
  • Reviewing your overall existing portfolio and recommending changes as needed