Making money by Investing in Stock Markets of India is never an easy task. With over 5000 companies listed in NSE and BSE the choice of company to buy shares of becomes an important aspect.

Here we provide the very sound fundamental principles that would help the investor make sound investment decisions In Stock Market History, top stocks listed in Indian stock market have been consistently giving better returns than any other stock market in the world.

Once you decide on the stock, you need to time the markets well or you have to invest for long term to get good returns on your investment.

One needs to carefully select Stock for Investment. One needs to know the valuations at which to buy a stock and sell a stock. One should not love a stock, which he holds. One should not think much to book profits/losses.

Only growth stocks can beat markets and give you consistent returns. Sound investment strategies and tips go a long way in timing the market that translates into hefty returns.

Besides investor is advised to supplement his decision with the aid of news and research, which are helping tools in picking a winner and giving your portfolio a mega boost

While doing stock market investment you can trade in two different ways.

You can either do intraday trading or can opt for delivery based investment. Intraday trading is typically completed within a day that means you have sell the stocks that you have purchased that day before the closing of the exchange. Even if you do not sell the stocks by yourself, they will automatically square off before the closing of the exchange.

In case of delivery based investment or long term investment, you can sell the stocks as and when you wish to sell or buy them